Category: Parrot

Birds Need to Fly

by Greg Glendell

One of the benefits of training with positive reinforcement is eagerness in training. Getting an experienced animal to come to you or stay with you is not usually a problem. Yet the pendulum swings both ways. We must train our animals what they should do instead of being underfoot. One of my horses has taught me the importance of paying attention to emotions while doing this.

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Spotlight on Research: Parrot Enrichment

by Joanna Berger

This issue, we caught up with Joanna Berger, who recently graduated with Distinction from the University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine. As part of her Master’s project, Joanna traveled to Virginia to work with a parrot sanctuary called Project Perry, researching how the introduction of a new enrichment item to an aviary full of African Greys might influence different kinds of behavior.

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