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K9 Nose Work® in Shelters

by Amy Ogleby

The winter months are cold and damp in Kansas. During this time, a lot of our dogs do not get out for enough exercise. At the Lawrence Humane Society, we do not have indoor space for exercising our dogs. We are situated on 4 acres, and most of our property is divided into six large exercise pens.

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Enrichment Involving Human Interaction Saves Lives

by Regina Willen

As I walked through the intake room of a large county animal shelter in Dayton, Ohio, evaluating dogs to enroll in the Behavior Modification and Enrichment Program (BMP), I stopped in front of a kennel and looked down at a young pit bull–type puppy, with a turned-up pink nose and floppy ears, sitting eagerly in his kennel. My heart dropped as I glanced at his paperwork.

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Shelter Canine Behavior Evaluations: Why The Animal Rescue League of Boston Uses MATCH-UP II

by Dot Baisly

Over the past 15 to 20 years, behavior evaluations have become the standard of care in shelters for identifying dangerous and potentially aggressive dogs that may not do well in a home as a pet. Today 28 percent of shelters use a formal evaluation and about 60 percent use some sort of modified behavior evaluation or other behavior observations to direct adoptions and to make euthanasia decisions.

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